Major upgrades planned to improve travel on Deerfoot Trail


The Alberta Government has released details of a $478 Million plan to help ease congestion on Alberta’s busiest highway.

83,000 to 170,000 vehicles drive on Deerfoot Trail every day, and multiple projects are being worked out to help make for an easier drive.


Brian Mason, Alberta’s Transportation Minister


The expansion plan would add both northbound and southbound lanes to 21 kilometres of the Deerfoot between Beddington Trail and Anderson/Bow Bottom Trail,  to improve traffic flow and ease congestion.

Multiple interchanges will also be upgraded with additional lanes at Memorial Drive, 17 Avenue, Glenmore Trail, Southland Drive and Anderson/Bow Bottom Tail to reduce commute times at key bottlenecks.

While work isn't scheduled to start until at least 2023, the long-term expansion plan is expected to create 2,330 jobs