Junior high students get hands-on experience in traditional Métis teachings



Junior High students in Central Alberta were recently treated to new kind of learning experience.

On Feb 23, Métis Crossing, an open-air cultural interpretive centre north of Edmonton, presented "Cabin Fever" , which aimed to teach young Albertans how early Métis communities were able to survive and thrive in the province’s harsh environment.

65 students from grades 6-7 were taught how to snowshoe, build a shelter, find food, trap and snare techniques and other skills Métis peoples used to thrive in Alberta and become an integral part of the fur trade.

Cabin Fever was the pilot project as Métis Crossing has four planned educational programs that will be different for each season in Alberta. 

Although the skills and stories are rooted in tradition, Métis Crossing said Métis people still practice and use them today and continue to offer valuable lessons.

Upcoming dates for other hands-on history lessons at Métis Crossing will be announced soon.