Century-old Blackfoot headdress found at thrift store in Okotoks


A ceremonial Blackfoot headdress, with golden eagle feathers, is now home after being found at a thrift store in Okotoks.

Back in June, the Alberta report a poacher line had received a call from a member of the public who had noticed a headdress up for auction at the thrift store.

Fish and Wildlife Officers were able to confirm that this particular headdress was made of real golden eagle feathers. Although the headdress looked to be about 100 years old, the feathers and bead work were largely intact and in good condition.

After consulting with experts at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, curators identified the artifact as a ceremonial Blackfoot headdress, and directed Officer Phillip Marasco from Fish and Wildlife, to contact Kent Ayoungman, an member of the Blackfoot sacred societies, who handles reappropriated traditional items.

Over the following months, Ayoungman will work to restore the headdress to something close to its original condition, so that it can once more fulfill its true purpose and be used in traditional ceremonies.

Based on some research, the headdress is believed to have belonged to a teacher at a residential school.

Once restored, the headdress will be returned to the Blackfoot Nation.