Emergency test alert scheduled for May


An Alberta wide emergency test alert is scheduled for May 8 at 1:55pm

The national Alert Ready system was launched in 2018, allowing for broadcasts of emergency information about natural disasters and major emergencies through radio and television broadcasts, social media feeds and text messages to smartphones.



Smartphone alerts will contain instructions on how to respond to the emergency. All LTE smartphones that are connected to a cellular network, are alert-compatible and within the alert area will receive an alert at no cost. Smart watches or tablets that are LTE equipped and connected may also receive alerts.

Smartphones that are turned off will not display an alert but it will be displayed when the device is turned back on. A smartphone that is set to silent will display an alert but will not play the emergency alert tone. If a phone is not set to silent, the alert will play at whatever volume the phone is set at.

To see if your cellphone is equipped to receive messages, visit Alert Ready online and select your wireless provider for more information.