Stirling John hopes to leave lasting impact on remote Indigenous communities with new studio

Stirling John is a Indigenous Ojibwe country singer/song writer currently residing in Spruce Grove, Alberta and has continued to push the envelope in the music industry. His recent endeavor will connect his music and story to many remote First Nations communities across the province and Canada.

Stirling recently gave a massive upgrade to his studio which includes the likes of 4 high end cameras, switchers and the capability to give a in depth, HD live show on social media platforms.

Here's what he had to say on upgrading his studio in hopes of reaching those far away communities.

In addition to the brand new studio, Stirling has big plans in 2022 to give back and put a spotlight on Indigenous youth. Giving them the platform they need to pursue their music career.

You can find more details on his Facebook page.



Here is the full unedited interview with Stirling John and Windpseaker Radio.