Strathmore Wheatland Christmas Hamper Society accepting applications until Dec 13

The Strathmore Wheatland Christmas Hamper Society is in full swing as they get ready to send their hampers out to families in need



While it's been a busy year of collecting goods and organizing, Hamper Society Chair Marilyn Galvin said they're currently below what they were expecting regarding applications for hampers.

So far there are 161 applications, which is around what they had last year. However, they planned to give out 328 hampers, which is more than last year since Galvin explained many factors led to them expecting more people would be in need this holiday season.

"The cost of everything has gone up, everyday living, food, household electricity and all those things which is making it harder for people to just make ends meet. I think Covid set people back and they haven't got enough relief to get out of it yet,"

For anyone in need of a hamper, the Society can be reached at 403-934-2266.

The deadline to apply for a hamper is December 13, 2022

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