Soar Above Stigma launches to share messages of kindness for Indigenous communities

Use #Soarabovestigma to share your story

Right now with everything going on, First Nations are suffering in silence with the ongoing battle against stigmas of mental health.

Three Indigenous Health organizations: First Peoples Wellness Circle, Thunderbird Partnership Foundation, and the First Nations Health Managers Association have partnered with NationTalk to create the Soar Above Stigma Campaign.

This campaign champions kindness, acceptance, culture and compassion for First Nations peoples across Turtle Island. The campaign has been created with the intention of easing the tension of stigma due to fears surrounding COVID-19, along with escalating mental health issues, and substance abuse due to addictions. By sharing Indigenous voices and perspectives, the campaign aims to propel Indigenous values of hope, belonging, meaning, and purpose. Together, these organizations formed the Soar Above Stigma campaign to support our communities when they need it most.

By sharing stories, interviews, images and videos of brave First Nations that have battled with mental illnesses and substance use disorders, Soar Above Stigma shatters the shame that fuels stigma. It’s never easy to share your story and it is a privilege to have the opportunity to listen to another’s story.

Marion Crowe is the CEO at FNHMA and joined Windspeaker Radio for an in depth conversation on ending the stigma as well as the campaign.

The website for more details can be found here.

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