Siksika woman walking to create awareness on the drug epidemic

After noticing a bad trend continue in her community, Cynthia Sitting Eagle is walking for a cause

Cynthia Sitting Eagle is a resident of the Siksika nation and noticed a bad trend start in her community.

In June of 2018, Cynthia and her husband Troy set up a camp in their yard to raise awareness on the hard drugs on the nation.

On Mothers Day she walked to raise more awareness in Siksika against these drugs like meth heroine and fentanyl, and to honor those lost to overdoses.

Cynthia mentioned there are waiting lists for those wanting help but are losing hope being put on a waiting list. 

She's been tying red ribbons at local cemeteries to remember the ones who have passed away.

Cynthia has been walking alone however has received incredible support from other members, offering gifts of flowers, sweetgrass, chocolate bars, water bottles and more.

Here is Cynthia speaking with CJWE radio:

To follow her journey you can check out her facebook profile here.


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