Severe Storm with Large Hail leaves Motorists stranded on the QEII Highway.

Hail that fell from the Sky

A massive storm that produced large hail, stranding some motorists.

A severe storm with large hail left motorists stranded on the QEII. On Monday evening, a tornado touched down about five kilometres southwest of the town of Coronation, however, no major damage was reported. According to RCMP, approximately 70 vehicles have pulled off to the side of the highway near Innisfail, after being impacted by golf ball to tennis ball size hail. Officers started responding to reports of motorists being stranded due to the hail damage after 6 p.m. Mounties started checking for any injuries and transporting impacted motorists. 

If a Tornado hits your area, get into the centre of the basement or underground shelter, if available. Otherwise, take shelter in a small interior ground floor room such as a bathroom, closet or hallway. Make sure windows and doors are closed and secured, and then stay away from them.

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