Pharmacist-Led Health Clinic to Open in Lethbridge

A ribbon cutting ceremony marked the opening of a new pharmacist-run walk-in clinic at the Real Canadian Superstore in Lethbridge on June 24

"Our hope is that making these services available in a pharmacist clinic setting will support primary care providers in the community, help alleviate some of the strains on the current healthcare system through a reduction in E.R. visits, and ultimately result in better health outcomes for patients”


On Monday, June 27, Alberta's first pharmacist-led primary healthcare clinic will open its doors to new patients in Lethbridge.

Located inside the Real Canadian Superstore at 3515 Mayor Magrath Dr S, the Clinic will offer a range of healthcare services to patients, including assessment and treatment of common ailments and injuries.

Lethbridge is the first city in Alberta to have a pharmacist-led walk-in clinic.

Pharmacists in the province have the ability to assess patients and prescribe medications for minor illnesses and injuries, administer vaccines and other medications by injection, support chronic disease management and order and receive lab results. Making these services available in a pharmacist clinic setting will mean a reduction in urgent care and emergency room visits and ultimately can lead to better health outcomes for patients.

Pharmacist Justin Jenson said that the clinic is not an emergency room, and some services need to be addressed by a doctor.

Examples that might fall outside of our scope of practice: narcotic medications. This would not be within the scope of practice for pharmacists. This would be more falling on physicians"

The pilot program for this clinic is expected to run for 12 months in Lethbridge before potentially expanding to other regions.

To book an appointment, patients can contact the clinic directly at 825-399-2015.

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