New book by Métis Nation of Alberta puts spotlight on reconciliation

MNA President Audrey Poitras, Co-author David Wylynko and MNA Vice President Dan Cardinal

"This book is an earnest re-telling of the history of the Métis people, a version most Canadians have never seen. Readers are introduced to a sweeping narrative depicting the strength, pride, and independence of the true Canadians." – David Wylynko, co-author


The Métis Nation of Alberta today released a book chronicling the challenges and achievements of the Métis since their rights were recognized in the Constitution Act of 1982.

The True Canadians: Forgotten Nevermore chronicles the challenges and achievements of the Métis since their rights were recognized in the Constitution Act of 1982. Officials say the book also reflects on the Métis lineage to the original inhabitants of the land and their struggle for acceptance as a proud, independent people.

 Co-author David Wylynko spoke at the book unveiling, alongside MNA president Audrey Poitras and MNA Vice President, Dan Cardinal.

The True Canadians: Forgotten Nevermore provides a history of the Métis that is often at odds with traditional colonial accounts, presenting Canadians with a more accurate and clear understanding of the role the Métis played in the economic and cultural development of the nation.

The book was published by the Métis Nation of Alberta. The title was inspired by the Métis Nation's anthem and is intended to generate passionate conversation. The book is being distributed by Sandhill Book Marketing Ltd., the most recognized supplier of non-fiction single titles and independently published Canadian books in the industry. 

With a particular focus on Alberta, the book describes the rise of the Métis Nation of Alberta since its founding early in the 20th century. It also details the Métis pursuit of reconciliation and the recent agreement with the federal government recognizing the right of the Métis Nation within Alberta to self-government, especially the work leading up to the ratification, in 2022, of their own Constitution.

The passage of the MNA Constitution, with more than 96% of the Métis vote, represented the final step for the Métis of Alberta to becoming a fully recognized order of government within Canada, with increased authority to manage their own affairs and strengthening their position to negotiate rights and claims.

The books co-authors will do a book signing Wednesday from 11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. at Audreys Books, 10702 Jasper Ave in Edmonton.



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