Moccasins for Markers Campaign Underway

Bonnie McGilvery Pasqua is the creator of the group and would like to tell her story through Moccasins



Bonnie McGilvery Pasqua's maternal grandparents Edmund & Agnes McGilvery were both residential school survivors. All their 15 children were residential school survivors.

By the time her mother and her siblings left Blue Quills Residential School, they were young adults and adolescents. When Bonnie was born she says her mother didn't know how to be a parent.

Bonnie said she took a walk through the Sacred Heart Cemetery  and found countless unmarked graves, some with broken crosses, no way to remember who was buried and some graves having horse manure.

Following that visit Bonnie decided to take action and show her support for the ones who have lost their life, family or loved ones to the Residential School systems with her new Facebook Group "Moccassins for Markers".


Her goals through this group is to:

  • Help by making tiny moccasins for markers to remember and honour the children still currently being found in unmarked graves at former residential school sites
  • Help by making tiny moccasins for markers for deceased residential school survivors whom lived and died and now too are laying in unmarked graves.

Bonnie spoke with Windspeaker Radio giving a touching, powerful and inspirational message about what the Moccasins mean to her.

If you'd like to show your support, check out her Facebook Page for more details.



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