Low income seniors & families can now access cheaper internet service in Alberta

“Even simple things that so many of us sometimes take for granted like booking a COVID vaccine online or accessing a vaccine passport, it’s hard to do those things when we don’t have access to the internet"


Both seniors & families in low income situations now have access to cheaper internet in Alberta

Canadians 65 and older who receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement qualify for $9.95 a month internet through Telus’s Internet for Good for Seniors. You will also be asked to provide your Old Age Security statement, also known as the T4A(OAS), indicating an amount paid to you in box 21 (net supplements paid)  

Applications can be submitted online or through the mail.

Director of community investment Nimmi Kanji says the demand for internet has really skyrocketed since COVID-19 started. This program ensures seniors have the means to stay connected and manage their well-being, as well as access to essential documents.  

In addition, TELUS is also offering cheaper Internet for Canadians with low income.  Recipients must have children under the age of majority and be currently receiving the maximum Canada Child Benefit.  Applications can be submitted online




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