Lethbridge College to celebrate Stone Pipe Days

Lethbridge College OKI sign (Photo submitted)

“This is a great opportunity to continue to building awareness about our Indigenous community here on campus. We welcome everyone to come and join us in the celebration” -Marni Hope, Indigenous Student Support and Events Coordinator at Lethbridge College


Stone Pipe Days, the annual celebration to recognize the history, pride and knowledge of the Indigenous community at Lethbridge College, will take place on March 15 and 16.

In addition to showcasing drumming, dancing, singing, traditional Indigenous foods and more, this year’s celebration will include the historic signing of the Buffalo Treaty by Lethbridge College, joining the University of Lethbridge and the City of Lethbridge who signed the treaty last week.


Stone Pipe Days 2

Students inspect an Indigenous bow during a Buffalo spotlight information session at Lethbridge College's Stone Pipe Days in 2022 (Photo submitted)


Stone Pipe Days will kick off with the Buffalo Treaty signing ceremony at 11:00am on Wednesday. The special event will include an historic overview of the treaty by Dr. Leroy Little Bear, one of Canada’s most respected Indigenous academic voices, and that will be followed by entertainment, the serving of berry soup and bannock, and the chance to purchase creations by Indigenous craft vendors until 2:00pm.

Thursday’s events will run from 10:30am to 12:30pm and will include a performance and presentation by Olivia Tailfeathers and the Kainai Grassland Singers. Following the performances on Thursday, participants will be invited to take an Indigenous cuisine sampler with them as they leave.


Stone Pipe Days 3

An Indigenous display at Lethbridge College's Stone Pipe Days in 2022 (Photo submitted)


Lethbridge College President and CEO Dr. Brad Donaldson said that “we are proud to share and showcase the wonderful work we do here at Lethbridge College. We welcome the public to join us to witness these great events”.

More information on Stone Pipe Days can be found here.

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