Banff is now almost smoke and vape free

The latest bylaw will not allow smoking or vaping in public places

Banff's new bylaw prohibiting smoking or vaping tobacco in most public places is now in effect.

Councillors passed the Smoke Free Public Place Bylaw in December by a 5-1 vote.

As of Feb. 1, smoking or vaping of tobacco products is prohibited in the following areas throughout the town:

  •  Bus stops;
  •  Public sidewalks and pedestrian zones;
  •  Municipal parks/parkettes/green spaces;
  •  Trails and pathways;
  •  Outdoor markets;
  •  Outdoor events; and
  •  In proximity to children not in one’s custody, care or control.

At this point smoke and vaping of tobacco and nicotine produces will still be allowed on private property, outdoor parking areas and alleys.

The ceremonial use of tobacco through Indigenous practices are also allowed



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