Alberta children under 12 are one step closer to Covid-19 Vaccination

Alberta is taking registrations from parents for children aged five to 11, who remain too young for any vaccines approved in Canada.

In a confirmed station from Alberta Health on Tuesday read. “Planning is underway to move quickly to offer vaccines to additional age groups once approved by Health Canada. We cannot proceed until Health Canada approves a vaccine and the doses arrive in Alberta,” 

"Any timeline depends on Health Canada approval. However, Alberta Health, AHS and other partners are working hard to have the system in place so that parents can quickly book appointments for their kids when the doses arrive.”

To register means to make an account through which parents will eventually book a vaccination appointment. 

The account also allows them to book a flu shot for children six months and older. 

A health card number, name and phone number is needed.

In the US, the White House is set to make an announcement in the coming weeks for vaccinations for children under 12


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