Truck convoy to leave Alberta for Ottawa Thursday



This morning in Red Deer,  A pro-pipeline convoy will begin a four day trek to Ottawa.  

Roughly 100 trucks from the 'United We Roll Convoy for Canada" are embarking on the long drive, hoping to gain momentum along the way.

The rigs from Alberta and Saskatchewan will meet at Gorts Car Wash this morning at 10.

“The goal is we’ve got trucks that are going to join us for as much of the trip as they can, you know, whether that’s city to city, or border to border, or whatever that might be, just you know much like a Terry Fox run, just to join when they can,” said Glen Carrit, the Lead Convoy Organizer.

They want their voices hears from the current government, and  "want Bill C-48, C-69 abolished, Carbon tax gone and pipelines put in the ground". 

The plan is to arrive at Parliament Hill on February 19 and stage a rally.