Calgary will soon be home to a new Indigenous Gathering Place


The new Indigenous Gathering Place will be a centre for urban Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous peoples dedicated to supporting Indigenous cultural practices.

John Fischer, co-chair of the Indigenous Gathering Place, and director at the Iniskim Centre at Mount Royal University says that Calgary has the fifth largest urban Indigenous population in Canada, and for many years,  a dedicated space for Indigenous people was needed.

“it will be an indoor/outdoor space that focuses in on our spirituality, our practices, our resilience,” 

The new space will allow the urban Indigenous people of Calgary to practice their spirituality in a safe way for smudging ceremonies, protests, wakes, art exhibits, and be educated on the issues facing Indigenous peoples.  Non Indigenous people can also visit and learn about Indigenous Community knowledge and traditions.

Elder Reg Crowshoe


Once the Gathering Place site is determined, a naming ceremony will be held.

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