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What’s your biggest mess up in the kitchen?

While i'm slowly learning, I am not a cook, and my daughter can vouch for me. I can however fry up a mean Moose Steak, sauteed with onions (fancy, I know)


What is the best concert you’ve been to?:

Brad Paisley... he puts on one heck of a live show 


Where are you from? 

Northern Alberta, born and raised in Fort McMurray, but I also have Tlingit roots in the Yukon Territory. So a mix of Cree-Tlingit. 


Where would you like to be in 5 years?: 

Work wise, I'm extremely happy where I am right now, Host of the morning show and APD behind the scenes.  Radio is a sweet gig... and it helps working for an amazing media network in Alberta, with so many great people in our company.  

Im also the dad of 3 girls (Yikes) who are truly awesome.  So seeing them grow up into young ladies is frightening as a dad, but very proud of them.


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