Windspeaker Radio Bingo - Frequently Asked Questions


On Thursday December 19th,  our guaranteed bonanza on game #7 is 25,000
Some FAQ that we get asked often:
How much are cards: $5.00 per strip, $2.00 per extra Black Bonanza Card.
Where can I buy cards: Click here for card sellers in Alberta
Can i buy radio bingo cards in Saskatchewan: No, You can only buy cards at participating sellers in Alberta
Can you tell me the serial numbers of Thursdays game?   You can find serial numbers for upcoming games here
What number do i call if i get a bingo? call our bingo hotline at 1-888-946-2441 (1-888-win-big1)
What games do we play:   Find a list of game patterns here
Where can I listen to Windspeaker Radio?    Check out a map of our listening area's across Alberta.  
You can also play on SHAW 852 or TELUS OPTIK 7056 BUT keep in mind there is a 10 second delay when listening on satellite.

If I win,  where do we mail our winning Bingo Cards to? 
Mail cards to:
CFWE Radio Bingo,
13245-146 Street NW, Edmonton, AB
T5L 4S8

Find Radio bingo Rules of the game here   We also air the rules of the game, when Bingo starts at 6pm
All Winter, we play for $10,000 every Monday, Thursday and Saturday night at 6pm (Excluding Holidays)
During the Summer, our payouts decrease to $5,000 on Monday & Thursday nights at 6pm (excluding Holidays)