Voting now open for the 19th Annual Native American Music Awards

The annual awards celebration is scheduled for November 2nd in Niagara Falls, NY



Each year. the annual Awards program features over one dozen mesmerizing and dynamic performances by some of today’s leading Native American artists along with 30 awards presentations including; Lifetime Achievement and Hall of Fame. The Awards show is an extraordinary and unprecedented celebration of today’s best contemporary and traditional music. 

Murray Porter, from the Six Nations of the Grand River in Ontario,  is nominated in 2 categories  'Best Male Artist' & 'Best Blues Recording'.

Featured live music performances include: DJ Shub (Mohawk), a former member of a Tribe Called Red, Kelly Derrickson, Joanne Shenandoah,  NDN Cars' Keith Secola and more!

This year's awards show is co-hosted by actor Wes Studi (Cherokee) and professional wrestler Micki James (Powhatan tribe)

You can vote in each category here


Artist of the Year 

Bear Fox (Mohawk) – Life Blanket

Murphy Platero (Navajo) – Butterflies, Horses and Guitars

Shelley Morningsong (Northern Cheyenne) – Simple Truth

Tonemah (Lumbee) – Red Dirt Remark

Vince Redhouse (Navajo) – A Distant Star

Wade Fernandez (Menominee) – Journey of the Heart

Best Female Artist 

Blanca Iris Acuna (Taino) – Poets Ocean

Desja Eagle Tail (Crow/GrosVentre) – What Do I Got To Do

Jiiniikwe Medicine Bird (Bay Mills Anishinabe, Hunkpapa Lakota) -Destiny/Infinite Web

Koli Kohler (Hoopa, Yurok, Karuk) – How I Am

Marcia Chum (Cree) – Undone

Shon Denay (Oglala Lakota) – On The Rocks


Best Male Artist 

Herman Cody (Navajo) – Life On The Rez

Joe Tohonnie, Jr (Apache) – Journey Into A New Direction

Louie Gonnie (Navajo/Zuni) – Night Side

Lowery Begay (Navajo) – Touching The Sky

Murray Porter (Mohawk) – Stand Up!

Nahko (Apache) – Dragonfly 


Record of the Year

A Distant Star – Vince Redhouse (Navajo)

Brother Hawk – Calvin J. Standing Bear & James Torres Red Tail Chasing Hawks (Sicungu, Oglala) 

Colors of the Rainbow – Alexandro Querevalu’ (Quechua) 

One Earth World Fusion Music – Various Artists

Ongtupqa – Clark Tenakhongva, Gary Stroutso, Matthew Nelson (Hopi)

Parallel Universe – Joseph FireCrow ( Northern Cheyenne), Thomasina Levy, David Darling

Red Dress Special – Young Spirit (Plains Cree/Various)


Song  of the Year

Ancestors Song – Stl’atl’imx & Friends (St’at’imc)- The Kindness Project

Clouds of Sunset — Alexandro Querevalu’ (Quechua) from Colors of the Rainbow

Looking For The Light – Irv Lyons Jr (Oneida)

Shine – Sihasin (Navajo)

SaVivor – Night Shield (Rosebud)  featuring Wellington Downz & Cody Blackbird 

This is Our Song- The Spiritual Warriors (Interior Salish Lil’wat) – Ancestors

Walk In Beauty – Joseph FireCrow ( Northern Cheyenne), Thomasina Levy, David Darling from Parallel Universe


Best Country Recording 

A Miner’s Prayer – Matt James (Ojibway)

How I Am – Koli Kohler (Hoopa, Yuroh, Karuh)

K Town – D Johnson (Navajo) 

What Do I Got To Do – Desja Eagle Tail (Crow/N.Cheyenne/Seneca/Cree)

Red Dirt Remark – Tonemah (Lumbee) 

Way Out West – Marty Stuart (Choctaw)

Best Pow Wow/ Drum Recording 

Love, Life, Round Dance – Young Spirit (Cree/Various)

Medicine Horse – Cree Confederation (Cree/Various)

Nitisanak: Brothers and Sister – Northern Cree (Cree/Various) 

Red Dress Special – Young Spirit (Plains Cree/Various) 

Songs – Thoz Womenz (Intertribal)

When It’s Cold – Northern Cree (Cree/Various) 

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