"Red Womens House" set to open in Calgary

"The home will provide culturally safe, affordable housing while meeting the unique needs of people in early recovery, allowing them to flourish mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually"






The First Indigenous Women's recovery home is set to open in Calgary

“Red Woman House.” Plains Cree - “Mihkoskwew Kamik” and Blackfoot – “Mooh` Aakii Kookaan”  honours “all” women for their life-giving gift, their journey through the healing process, and to recognize all the “Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.”  A red print (cloth) was also presented to display in the home.

"Red Women House is a collaboration between Poundmaker's Lodge Treatment Centres and Oxford House foundation, and is a Peer supported recovery home for Indigenous Women.

Oxford House takes pride as an alternative aftercare treatment center, using culture and Indigenous prayers in their healing.

Windspeaker Radio spoke with Earl Thiessen, Executive Director of Oxford House Foundation, Alberta


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