Poetry Contest for Canadian Indigenous & Inuit Writers

Deadline:  Friday, May 28, 2021 




Enter this contest by submitting a poem so you can win a prize and have it  presented at a concert where your poem will be set to music by an  accomplished composer and sung by RESOUND Choir

The winning poem, with “joy” as its theme, will be set to music by Andrew  Balfour and premiered by RESOUND Choir at their March 2022  concert. Andrew Balfour, born in Winnipeg, is of Cree descent and currently  living in Toronto.



1st place - $500 

2nd place - $300 

3rd place - $200 


Criteria for Participants

Must be a Canadian Indigenous or Inuit person 

Can be amateur or published 

No age requirement 



Email the following components to RESOUNDbizManager@gmail.com (1) a brief biography of yourself and your heritage 

(2) the poem 

(3) the inspiration for the poem 

(4) include this statement: “If my poem wins 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize, I agree to  allow RESOUND Choir to use my poem, or excerpts of my poem, in a  choral composition of their choice and the right to perform the  composition at will.” 

(5) your phone number 


Poem Requirements:  

The poem topic is “JOY”. It should not be less than 16 lines and not  more than 48.

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The winning poem will be set to a 4-part choral arrangement by Andrew  Balfour for RESOUND Choir and premiered at the choir’s March 2022  concert. The choir has the right to perform the music at will. The poet  will be credited on the score. In the event the piece is published, the  publisher will arrange copyright directly with the poet and composer. 

RESOUND Choir reserves the right to set the 2nd and 3rd prize winning  poems to music at some point in the future. In this event, the poet will  be credited on the score. 

All other entries/submissions will not be used or shared without the  express consent of the author. 

Announcement of Prize Winners:  

Public announcement will be posted Friday, June 25, 2021

Only winners will be contacted by phone and/or email to accept their  prizes. 


For more details, visit Website or FB page.


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