Metis Settlement General Council presents cheque to support the fire devastated community of Paddle Prairie

The Metis Settlements General Council presenting the Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement with a $3 Million Cheque

"The massive Chuckegg Creek wildfire in northern Alberta is now considered to be 60 per cent contained, and has burned approximately 331,167 hectares"



On May 29, 2019 the residents of Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement were evacuated from their home community due to air quality issues. Almost 800 evacuees left their homes and retreated to Grand Prairie, Peace River and High Prairie with minimal notice. They were told that it was due to smoke and they didn’t have to worry about the fire. 

Residents soon found out that 16 homes were lost to the Chuckegg Creek Fire that burned over one-third of the Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement.  



On July 3, the Metis Settlements General Council presented a $3 Million Cheque to the Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement.


“If it wasn’t for the generosity of the Settlements, we would have nothing” 

- Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement Chairman, Greg Calliou. 




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