Largest steel feather in Alberta on display in Lac La Biche

Photo: LLB County

30 feet of pipe, 345 hours of welding, 16 silhouette pieces, one beautiful feather


Artist Melanie Braund talks about her artwork at the Bold Center sculpture unveiling 


An Artist from Plamondon has unveiled the largest feather sculpture in Alberta. 

The steel feather outside of the Bold Centre in Lac La Biche stands nine metres high.

Artist Melanie Braund spent 345 hours welding the large feather statue and the 16 smaller silhouettes that surround it. 

Braund chose the feather as a symbol because she wanted to represent the region's numerous Indigenous populations and Culture.

Other designs on the silhouettes also represent the surrounding area, including the logo and initials of the nearby school, a hockey player, maple leaf and wheat blowing in the wind. 




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