Indigenous Learning Centre now open at Central Library

12 children's books by local Treaty 7 authors in their traditional languages have been added to the permanent collection at several community libraries

"It's a surreal experience to be able to tell our own story and see ourselves portrayed in ways that we’ve always wanted to be portrayed,”


Calgary’s Central Library opened a new learning centre on Saturday, aimed at helping people connect with Indigenous languages and culture.

At the new centre, patrons can meet with Elders, share stories under a night sky installation, view traditional items, and learn Treaty 7 languages.

Heather Robertson is Calgary Public Library’s director of service design

As part of the launch, the library also unveiled 12 new children’s books which were all written in traditional Treaty 7 languages.

The authors, who crafted their books as part of an Indigenous writers' workshop, range in age from 18-year-old Payne Manyguns, to 78-year-old Valentina Fox.

The books are now available at several community libraries in the Calgary Area.


Photo:  Thomas Snow





Here's a list of the new titles:

Niitsippooktsistaanitsi (My Braids), by Matoomiikamoosaaki (First Steals Woman), Latasha Calf Robe

Napi kii Imitaa (Napi and the Dogs), by Natoyi'sokasiim, Tim Fox

Îyâ Sa Wîyâ Wahogu-kiybi Cha (Red Mountain Woman Receives a Teaching), by Îyâ Sa Wîyâ (Red Mountain Woman), Tina Fox

Watâga Wîyâ A's, Â's and B's ze yuthpe îkiyabich (Grizzly Bear Woman Teaches the A's, Â's & B's), by Tatâga Thkan Wagichi (Dancing White Buffalo), Trent Fox

A'pistotooki kii Ihkitsik Kaawa'pomaahkaa (Creator and the Seven Animals, why are we here?), by Crystal Many Fingers

Siksikawa Otaawahsinnowa (Where the Blackfoot People Live), by Miikotsiminii (Red Wing), Payne Many Guns

Aakomimmihtanii (Love), by Mai'stoistowaakii (Crow Pretty Woman), Sheena Potts

Âba Wathtech Înâ Mâkoche (It is a Good Day, Mother Earth), by Sheri Shotclose (Singing Across the Water)

Nadudiyiga Suh Sinajuna (Morning Star's Family), by DerRic Starlight

Îethkaîhâ Yawabi (Counting in Stoney), by Îyarhe Wiyapta (Shining Mountains), Natasha Wesley

Ne Îethka Makochî Chach (This is Our Home), by Mînî Thnî (Cold Water), Trudy Wesley

Omahkitapiksi Okakinikiiwa (Teachings from our Elders), by Iikiinayookaa, Marlene Yellow Horn

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