Glenbow Museum collecting COVID-19 stories

Your story will be added to Glenbow's collection to record the historic moment we're living through in #yyc and Alberta (for now and for future generations)



The Glenbow museum in Calgary has launched a new project called “Dear Glenbow,” encouraging people to write letters or send a postcard detailing what life is like during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The museum is also accepting digital submissions through email  Facebook or twitter.

Not sure where to start? Try answering one or two of the questions below.

  • What brings you joy right now? Is there an object, an activity, a routine or a person that is making your life better?
  • What is your daily life like? What are you doing and why? How has your daily routine changed over the past few months?
  • What worries you?
  • Have you learned something new during this experience? Maybe you’re learning a new skill, or you’ve realized something you didn’t know about yourself or your community?
  • What do you hope to remember about this experience? What do you think is important for our future selves or our descendants to understand or learn from this time in our lives?


Submissions will be accepted until July 31, with stories going into the Glenbows permanent collection

More details here

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