Employee at Calgary McDonald's location tests positive for COVID-19

Photo: CTV News

The infected employee at 17 Ave SE in Forest Lawn hasn't been in the restaurant since a shift on April 5 between 12:30 and 8 p.m. 



If you hit up McDonald's in Calgary recently, you may want to double-check the location and date you visited.

Despite precautions being put in place to limit the spread of COVID-19, a McDonalds location has shut down after an employee tested positive.

The location has hired cleaners to completely sanitize the restaurant, but it won't re-open until health officials say it's okay.

McDonald's has released information on when the employee's last shift were. 

According to the fast food chain, an employee working at McDonald's 17 Ave SE location in Forest Lawn has tested positive for the virus.

Any coworker who had come into close contact with the employee has been asked to self-isolate until further notice. 


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